Healthcare Analytics Summit

What to Expect When Attending HAS ‘16

There is always great anticipation when it comes to attending a big event. There is usually some trepidation associated with it, too. In this case, attending the Healthcare Analytics Summit presented by Health Catalyst is nothing short of extraordinary. As with any summit or event, there are expectations as to what will be covered. Especially under the umbrella of a 3-day summit, you know that not just anything will do, and you are definitely sure that you don’t want to sit through boring presentations.

Going big and not boring is the name of the game, and this is where Health Catalyst has worked to perfect the atmosphere. One of the areas of focus in this year’s theme of Expanding Your Outcomes will be understanding the intricacies of identifying high-risk, rising-risk and at-risk patients. Because there are different objectives, resources and treatments depending on which category a patient fits in, there are many nuances that must be recognized. Comorbidity factors play a lot into this topic along with poverty level and comprehension of the situation.

Every healthcare organization is gathering data on each patient. This data holds a treasure-trove of information far beyond the reaches of just reporting to government or other outside agencies. Analytics and data systems are usually underutilized, which is disappointing because you may be paying for a software system that isn’t being capitalized upon. Learning the power of analytics and employing the data for real-time data decisions is quite possible.

Many health organizations have been bought out and belong to new establishments. As such, data can be scattered or siloed away, and that doesn’t benefit anyone. Uncovering ways in whereby data can be stored in one place, opened up or consolidated will enable many better fact-based decisions to be made and locate inefficiencies and waste within the system as a whole. Missing part of the picture, no matter how big or small, can have an impact throughout the organization and lead to inaccurate reporting, division within departments and errors that could impact treatment of patients.

Getting ahead of the curve can mean a lot of things in the healthcare industry. Because new technology is being introduced all the time, there is a need to be able to integrate that into workflow. The technology doesn’t have to be hardware or equipment, but that does have an impact on patient care and recovery. There is also technology within software, routines, protocols and regulation requirements. Knowing what is on the forefront of being implemented can give you a leg up and allow you to work out the kinks before others.

Reporting is not for the faint of heart. Because there is so much data, it can become overwhelming to pick and choose what information is necessary for all the different reports that are requested and required. Sometimes, people are pulling from different sections of information to help bolster certain numbers; this could be done intentionally or unintentionally. Due to the fact that pulling together reports can be a daunting task, and wanting to get the most accurate picture of what is going on in the organization, learning how to prepare reports for clinical, operational, financial and administrative areas will go a long way in providing detailed information that can be used to make precise decisions.

All of this may seem like great choices, but feel like it is all a set up for a mundane and drab set of lectures, you haven’t seen the whole picture. Firstly, the HAS 16 app complements the Summit and allows you to interact and react along with the sessions. Participation in polls, submission of questions for speakers and being able to network with other attendees is just the beginning of what the app is able to do.

To help liven the mood, Health Catalyst has an 80’s Carnival and evening reception with throwback video games and other events. This is not only to help break up the mood and open up the opportunities for networking, because who doesn’t love a good game of ring toss or Donkey Kong to enliven an evening.

Other items to help break up the day and can also put you in a competitive disposition include daily and grand prize winnings. With the help of the HAS 16 app, you are able to sign up for drawings and earn points towards gifts. But, there are also Walkabouts that help you to visit different stations throughout the Summit with directors and mentors that can explain in a one-on-one setting more about success stories, healthcare system achievements and answer questions that may not have been addressed during the different speakers’ presentations.

All in all, the opportunity to meet with and mingle among peers and leaders doesn’t come along very often, and doesn’t come any better than within the backdrop of a Summit so well organized and planned as Health Catalyst has done and will do again this year. Don’t miss out on this event and wish later on that you had all the valuable insight to work with.

If you are interested in attending the Healthcare Analytics Summit ’16, please click here for further details and a full description of agenda and speakers or here for registration. See you in Salt Lake City, September 6-8!

Come back next year and we will let you know more about the 2019 Healthcare Analytics Summit!